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Find Your Bad Breath Cure at the

Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic

Every day our clinic meets people who are struggling to find a bad breath cure that works. We know that chronic bad breath, or halitosis as it’s scientifically know, is a frustrating, embarrassing, and socially uncomfortable condition that affects over 50% of the population.

Our patients often tell us they have tried every possible bad breath cure to remove the odour but never seem to get any relief. At the Sunshine Coast Fresh Breath Clinic located on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, our team of highly trained fresh breath consultants are completely empathetic to your situation.  We will work with you to diagnose the source of your bad breath and educate and support you every step of the way to ensure you understand your condition and how best to treat your halitosis.

Bad Breath Cure Sunshine Coast

Best of all, we guarantee a bad breath cure if our recommendations are followed, or your money back.

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The longest serving bad breath specialist providing a solution for those on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gympie.

3 Steps to a Bad Breath Cure

1. Book an appointment for a Breath Analysis Consultation

A breath analysis consultation is scheduled with one of our experienced fresh breath consultants trained in diagnosing the cause and solutions for a bad breath cure. This appointment usually runs for about 45minutes to allow plenty of time to gather breath samples and educate patients on the best solution to achieve their bad breath cure.

The cost of this service is $110 with a portion claimable through private health insurance.

At your appointment you can expect to:

  • Have your breath scientifically tested using the OralChroma machine.  One of a small few available in Australia specifically designed to diagnose smelly bacteria.
  • Gain a clear understanding of your condition and what is causing your bad breath.
  • Receive a comprehensive review of your current lifestyle to uncover where the source of the bad breath is originating from.
  • Have a highly trained and extremely knowledgeable fresh breath consultant explain your condition in detail and offer recommendations that will lead to a bad breath cure, if treatment is followed as directed.
  • Be in an environment that is supportive, understanding and completely confidential.

2. Follow the recommendations given by your fresh breath consultant

Our recommendations are individually tailored to suit each patient’s lifestyle and condition. Below are some common solutions we often suggest:

  • Daily tongue cleaning
  • Increasing effectiveness of home care
  • Sinus irrigation
  • Referral to a dentist for an examination
  • Referral to an oral hygienist for gum treatment
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Products designed to reduce bacterial load
  • Solutions for dry mouth
  • Referral to a GP for further investigation
  • Additional consultation at no charge for additional breath testing

3. Maintenance for life

No matter where the source of your bad breath is coming from it will most likely always require monitoring and maintaining. Our information page on ‘Causes of Bad Breath’ will detail how people develop bad breath and why one-off treatments, or companies and products offering a quick fix, never work. The recommendations that are given to you will usually involve a life-long change in diet, lifestyle choices, and how you routinely maintain your oral health. What our experience tells us is that if you don’t continue to follow the recommendations your bad breath will usually return.

Finding a Bad Breath Cure that works…

  • Regular dental examinations and professional gum maintenance. For most, this will be every 6 months.
  • Brush twice daily and floss once a day
  • Use a specialised tongue cleaner daily
  • Remain hydrated throughout the day with water
  • Avoid liquids that dry the mouth out such as coffee, alcohol and mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Minimise dairy intake
  • Manage mucous build up by using a daily sinus flush
  • Avoid foods that create an odour – garlic, coffee, cheese are some good examples
  • Chew gum for 5 minutes after you eat

Our Location

We provide bad breath cures for suffers on the Sunshine Coast, Greater Brisbane and Gympie region. Call our fresh breath experts on (07) 5493 6060 to discuss your concerns and what your bad breath cure could involve.

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